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Work from home:



Hands-on, Driving

Pay/Average Earning:

$45 per hour.


Burro gives people with pickup trucks the chance to earn even more money than they would from regular delivery driving. With Burro, you’ll be handling bigger tasks like hauling and moving.


A clean, full-size truck (1500+) with a bed that must be at least 9 feet long with the tailgate down, 48 inches wide between the wheel wells, and accommodate items 7 feet tall (so no bed covers). If you drive a Tacoma, Colorado or car you can be a driver’s helper. You will need straps, moving blankets and shrink wraps in your vehicle for each delivery.


Take care of your vehicle. Do not neglect any issues you may have with your car, keep up with oil changes, air in tires, etc. Remember that customers provide ratings, which can affect the way future customers view your service capabilities. Great experiences can lead to better tips and referrals.