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Chegg Tutors

Work from home:



Work From Home, Teaching

Pay/Average Earning:

$20 per hour.


Chegg Tutors, mainly for high school students, is an app that offers many different tutors for them to choose from. It is easy to identify the right tutor by looking at their profiles. Tutors are required to indicate their educational background, subject matter, and expertise, among other things. Using this app, students can schedule for a time to connect with the tutor.


You'll have to either be a college graduate or be enrolled in a four-year degree course.


Chegg has a virtual library where tutors get to borrow, buy and rent college textbooks. That is a huge benefit so take advantage! Tips for tutoring: Be available, make it personal, make learning fun and cater to the student-everyone learns differently! Create a relationship with the student, and keep things interactive. If your student likes you, they are more likely to stick with you.