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Work from home:




Pay/Average Earning:

Up to $25 per hour.

Median monthly earnings of $100.


Doordash is a flexible delivery service that partners with restaurants all over the country to offer home food delivery. When new orders come in, drivers can find them available on the Doordash app. They choose which ones to fulfill, complete the job, and get paid.


18 or older, any car, scooter, or bicycle (in select cities). Must provide driver’s license number, social security number (only in U.S.). Consent to a background check.


Be selective, take into consideration how far you are driving for how much you are getting paid on that order. Is the distance worth the pay? Take advantage of bonuses. Don’t drive around aimlessly. Know where you are going so you don’t waste gas. Dash when its busy. Dash when it rains, or during a heat wave or cold snap. People naturally want to stay indoors when the weather is bad. Dash during live sporting events.