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Work from home:




Pay/Average Earning:

$12- 13 per hour.


Drizly is a company that partners with local stores to deliver alcohol. Unlike other delivery companies, interested delivery drivers need to inquire about becoming a Drizly driver by visiting a liquor store that partners with the company.


Delivery drivers are hired directly through liquor retailers in your area. If you know a store that uses Drizly, we suggest reaching out to them directly. The easiest way to do this is to input your address on our website and you'll be able to see the stores that are in the immediate vicinity: https://drizly.com/liquor-stores-near-me. There is also a driver job board that allows your information to be sent to local retailer partners in your area. You can fill out your contact information and interested retailers that are interested will reach out directly: https://drizly.typeform.com/to/e0iAfd.


Be friendly! Communicate with the customer by letting them know you are on your way. Greet them with a big smile, and address them by their name. When the weather is bad or there is a big game or holiday, you should be working!