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Work from home:



Driving, Hands-on

Pay/Average Earning:

Varies widely.

Most leisure travelers earn average of $200 per trip along popular routes. Paid per delivery depending on details of the delivery.


If you frequently travel, then Grabr might be the best delivery company for you. You can use the app to find customers in areas where you’re traveling. Accept the jobs and deliver them all over the world. Meet your shopper in person to deliver their item and get paid (item reimbursement + your reward).


No specific requirements.


Travelers post about their upcoming trips which lets shoppers know that you’ll be traveling to his or her destination. Add a profile picture. Know your worth; if a shopper sets a low reward and you anticipate a complicated shopping or delivery process, feel free to counter their offer. Set up your payout method right away. Make offers for items that you can realistically purchase and receive before heading on your trip. Nail down details with the shopper pre-trip. Behave with integrity, be communicative and don't be afraid to try this unique business model.