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Work From Home, Teaching

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Varies widely.


The IDroo app is for anyone who wants an online tutoring business. It complements Skype, making lessons that require interactions and instructions. It has an online whiteboard which makes it easy for learners to understand how to solve problems and construct sentences because it makes the lessons very interactive. You can use this app anywhere.


Most online tutors need a minimum of a high school diploma, though a college degree, experience, or a teaching license might be required, depending on the gig. Be prepared to promote your qualifications in order to show your expertise, subject knowledge, and ability to provide a good standard of tutoring.


Take advantage of the drag-and-drop interface for adding images to your teaching canvas. Tips for tutoring: Be available, make it personal, make learning fun and cater to the student-everyone learns differently! Create a relationship with the student, and keep things interactive. If your student likes you, they are more likely to stick with you.