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Lawn Love

Work from home:



Hands-On, Creative

Pay/Average Earning:

Varies widely.


Find lawn care jobs and yard work near you. Claim jobs, do great work, receive positive reviews, make more money!


You will need to have your own truck and equipment in order to be able to work with Lawn Love.


Start by filling out the online application form. Once approved, you can download our free lawn pro app and start picking up new jobs immediately. Once you've been approved as a lawn pro, our scheduling app will show you all the available jobs in your area. We'll show you the details about the job, including the type of lawn service requested, where it's located, and how much you'll earn. You'll be able to select by service type including lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, yard cleanup, leaf removal, snow removal, and more. Just select whatever lawn cutting or landscaping jobs you'd like and Lawn Love will add them to your schedule. You can choose to be paid via direct deposit to your bank account or via check. As you receive 5-star ratings from customers, your provider rating will improve. Once you have enough positive reviews, you move from Level 1 to Level 2. Keep those great reviews coming and you'll reach the highest level, Level 3. Each level earns more per job than the level below it. Pros with the highest ratings can claim new jobs first.