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Pay/Average Earning:

Up to $40/hour per hour


Outschool is a community marketplace of online classes for kids. They help parents find and register for great classes that are offered outside of regular school. They also help teachers, both professional and amateur, manage and promote their classes to parents. Their focus is on small-group, live online classes, though it supports a variety of other formats as well.



Teacher Code of Conduct: Offer classes only where you have appropriate background or expertise. Teach classes professionally: be prepared, begin on-time, and treat all learners with respect.Do not teach while impaired by alcohol or drugs, and do not model any behavior that a student age 18 or younger is restricted from doing. Respond promptly to parent questions and requests. Communicate with parents and learners in a professional manner, both in messages and in-class. Adhere our class content policy by only offering secular, objective, age-appropriate classes. Create a safe and welcoming space for learners and families from all backgrounds, beliefs, and locations.