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Work from home:



Work From Home, Teaching

Pay/Average Earning:

$200 per month.


Once you’re extremely comfortable with online video teaching via Udemy, apply for Skillshare. Not all teachers are accepted, but once your 45-minute-or-longer course is live, Skillshare will help promote it to their community of members and affiliates. Courses are broken down into 4-9 minute segments to be easily digestible and retainable for students.


Most online tutors need a minimum of a high school diploma, though a college degree, experience, or a teaching license might be required, depending on the gig. Be prepared to promote your qualifications in order to show your expertise, subject knowledge, and ability to provide a good standard of tutoring.


Plan ahead. Make sure your work environment does not have distractions. Be prepared. Stimulate discussion and make sure the student is actively tuned in to the session. Communicate regularly. Ask for help and feedback from other tutors; there is always something we can learn! Foster relationships with each student, and be attentive to how they learn. Every student learns and responds differently.