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Evidence-based, affordable, and convenient, the Talkspace Network is the leading online therapy
platform for practitioners and clients. With the Talkspace Network, clients can send their
practitioners text, audio, picture or video messages in a private chat room—from a web or
mobile app. Talkspace Network practitioners get to work at the edge of innovation in the mental
health field, alongside thousands of licensed independent practitioners. They provide access to
hundreds of thousands of users who have already tried the platform, 70% of whom have never
tried therapy before due to cost and access. access. As a Talkspace Network Practitioner, you can start
scaling back on commutes and scheduling complications, as you'll offer your services from
anywhere, at any time.


To participate in the Talkspace network, practitioners are required to possess the following: Highest clinical license in your state of residence, allowing independent clinical practice. Talkspace practitioners only work with clients in the state(s) where they are licensed and allowed to practice independently. Minimum of 3 years of direct clinical experience. Professional malpractice liability insurance policy. Submission of a fully completed signed CAQH application. Individual NPI number. iOS device (iPhone 5S, iPad Air/iPad Mini 2 (or newer)) with video camera. Reliable internet connection.


There is an extremely thorough practitioner handbook that offers all kinds of information on this opportunity: https://cdn.talkspace.com/resources/Talkspace+Practitioner+Handbook.pdf?_ga=2.14150719.920659963.1585585943-1818357811.1585585943.