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Work from home:



Work From Home

Pay/Average Earning:

Varies widely.

Attorneys always receive 100% of their fees when working with UpCounsel clients. Clients pay a fee to UpCounsel directly, which goes towards payment processing, as well as a “guaranteed payment” policy, which ensures guaranteed and timely payouts for attorneys.


UpCounsel is the first legal platform that helps fast-growing companies build their own custom legal teams. With the largest network of independent lawyers in the world, UpCounsel can tackle any legal project -- whether it’s a one-time consult, a part-time specialist on retainer, or an entire freelance legal department. By streamlining the attorney/client workflow with technology that includes online documents and digital signatures, it offers a truly 21st-century legal experience.


Must apply and be able to provide documentation that you are active and in good standing. Hundreds of lawyers apply to the marketplace each month. They are eager to bring on experienced business lawyers and aim to respond to applicants as quickly as possible. Depending on the number of applicants, approval time can range from 24 hours to a couple of weeks.


Be patient and thorough during the application process. Make sure you have a quiet, secure workspace, excellent Internet service and can work without interruptions.