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Work from home:

Yes and No


Hands-On, Work From Home

Pay/Average Earning:

Varies widely.


Whether you need steady income or you're just wanting some extra spending money, Upshift allows you to pick up shifts and get paid weekly. Create your own schedule by applying to as many or as few shifts as you want. There's no minimum number of shifts you have to work to stay active. Build your reputation through your profile with great reviews, certifications and other achievements.


Varies by job.


Apply online and complete the assessment. At this point, you will know if it's available in your area! Once your application is approved, schedule a time to come in for your onboarding. After your onboarding session, you're all set and ready to start picking up shifts. Log in to your Upshift app to apply for available positions in your area. Once you get accepted for a shift, just confirm it and it's yours! Clock in on the app when you're ready to start working. Once your shift is over, clock out. You'll then be asked to rate your experience working with that company, and they'll give you a star rating based on the service you provided to them.